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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


When I received my obligations, which are: no colors, no numbers, no grafic elements but use frame, I started to think about my new project:

I choose to use glasses for main elements because the glass is transparent and has no color. In this way I keep my obligations not to use colors and grafic elements.

I arrange them glass_dona on a black plate glass with a rectangle form and in this way I had a frame. I chose glass with different forms and heights and in this way I reproduce the main purpose of the project to visualize different percentages without using numbers.

> obstructions to Dona Madjarova

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


no colors

no numbers

no graphic elements

use frame


> Dona Madjorova

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This project named “Light Design Lab” is a part of team project ” How to script De-Sign in Bulgarian”. “How to script De-Sign in Bulgarian” is a project-study with an exhibition and a panel lection/dicusion.

Stages of the project
1. Stage 1 – inquiry (in process) 01.08-30.09.2006. Preparation, realization and popularization of online and offline inquiry. Collection of data:


Inquiry topics:
The inquiry topics and the questions of the inquiry was consulted with sociologist.

2. Stage 2 – analysis
Analysis of the inquiry data received. Team work with a professional sociologist.

3. Stage 3 – visualization of the data and of the inquiry questions. Series of team meetings. On a basis of the analysis we created art projects on the base of visual language of design as well as the visual language of art.
There are two directions of inventing and realization of the visualization projects:
1 – original art interpretation and visualization in various original conceptual forms of the sociologic data from the inquiry.
2 – creation of works with ideological basis connected with a question or a group of questions from the inquiry.

4. Stage 4 – Exhibition. Concomitant discussion. Lection.
Results from stage 3 was exhibite in RED HOUSE – Center of Culture and Design;  ALTERA Galerie – Interpred Office Trade Center.
Means of expression: photography, collage, large format printings, lights, space and multimedia installations, 3D objects, etc.
I made Art visualization of the question:
“What’s really selling a product?
The main reason to choose this question was the results of answers: Only 45% from the people employed in marketing and advertising field believe that advertisement selling.