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"2009-Workshop" Category

Workshop Galery “New Obstructions”

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

“New Obstructions” Workshop /2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ICECREAMDESIGN /Henk Groenendijk /Dima Stefanova / New Obstructions - A workshop in 2 parts

How do we approach our working process? Do we go for a walk or do we open a A4 document? Where does the work start and when does routine kick in?

This workshop invites you to leave your comfort zones, to question, and to experiment with yourself working under extreme limitations.
We are not setting new rules here, we are just posing limits. We play with confrontation, seek simplicity, reflect on discoveries and discover hidden passion. This is how Icecreamdesign works. This is how we like it too.
The workshop New Obstructions will take place in 2 parts - on Friday the 5th and Monday the 8th in the afternoons (June 2009).

Part 1 will start after the lecture Exellent View by Dima Stefanova/IcecreamDesign. IcecreamDesignblog presents a platform from which all participants will present themselves. For that reason all approved and confirmed participants will have to send an image of their most interesting work with a desciption of 100-150 words. After presentations and discussion of entered work Dima and Henk will present new obstructions for a complete remake. The participants will also be invited in this process

Part 2 will take place on Monday afternoon. Participants will present work results. The experiences will be discussed and a presentation will be prepared as a inventory into the process and results.


Participating in this workshop is like signing a contract. Once approved and registered, you and your final work will become published at ICECREAM's Designblog.
Additional information, instructions and the results of the workshop has been published on the Sofia Design Week blog as well.

Where: National Academy of Arts

Registered participants can send their chosen "work" and the "discription" directly to: Icecreamdesign > home

Hello world!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Icecreamdesign_henk Dima Stefanova

Welcome to Designblog

Welcome to the “New Obstruction Workshop”

We are Dima Stefanova and Henk Groenendijk. Together we form Icecreamdesign. A design studio focussing on media-design, education and research.