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"2010-Workshop" Category

Open workshop by Icecreamdesign

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hi again
We are Dima Stefanova and Henk Groenendijk from Amsterdam. Together we form Icecreamdesign. A design studio focusing on media-design, education and research.
We are very honored to participate again in the latest version of Sofia Design Week 2010 “Less or More”. We will present an open workshop for every student in the academy called “Bird’s Eye View”.
For more info on us link to Rietveld’s Designblog


An alternative viewpoint, Bird’s-eye Viewpoint

Thursday, July 1, 2010

As a result of our successful workshop "New Obstructions" in 2009, Amsterdam based Icecreamdesign was invited again by Sofia design Week 2010 to organize a 5 day workshop_space workshop at the National Art Academy in Sofia.

The workshop took place from 10-15 May making it possible for a mixed group of students to participate and the results workshopexpo_public to be presented during the Design Week in June.

Based on the current theme "More or Less" we called the workshop "Bird's-Eye View" to emphasize the intention to look at the conceptual design process in an alternative way. As such trying to emphasize the focus on investigating and confronting the difference between looking and seeing.elitsa_drawingnicolay mappings_text_p1
15 students started with what they do best –making a portrait drawing– and ended with something that they never allowed themselves to be possible before.

Looking at each other's skillfully drawn portraits, made these students question if they really saw what they where copying. The workshop anticipated on this question with short exercises to bring forward a more thorough and personal analyses of the object (the model). nikolayphoto As a result of facecharacters_p2 that process the object became subject.

An investigative process of mapping and selecting presented new viewpoints to connect to sketchy ideas on a variety of designed "products' based on the students academical backgrounds and personal area of interest. Working with students of different levels created a lively level of presented concepts.

Presenting an idea is strongly connected to the conventions of culture and education. In our workshop we tried to make clear that only a free attitude towards these criteria can successfully lead to innovation in the design process.
After careful analyses of the presented sketches we demonstrated this by creating obstructions_p5 elitsa_presenting rigid individual obstructions for the works presented, allowing and forcing the students to go beyond their own limitations, producing new and inspiring products.

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The successful results of this educational process was presented in the Academia Gallery next to an exhibition of students from the Dutch Gerrit Rietveld Academie. This exhibition "The Perfect Human, 5 X Obstructed" presented student documentations and work results of a project initiated as part of the Typography program of their department of Graphic Design. Both presentations aimed at the academic students as an audience in an effort to exchange views in education and enrich awareness and autonomy in the designing process.

If idea and result overlap the design process dries out. Defining individual and personal obstructions create a new and open chain of discovery driving that same process onwards.

This post presents the sequence of Elitsa Atanasova's process. elitzaphoto
Nicolay Petrov (her model) made this portrait of her

twenty variations

Thursday, July 1, 2010

nadejda_drawings nadejda_mappings_p7 nadejda_portraits_p5

nadejda_characteristics_p8 nadejda_sketch nadejda_obstructions_p1

Commitment is all. Investigating and creating new work in the process. If it was not for our limited workshop time it could have been hundred variations ! sad – in love – shy – excited – secretgreedy – curious – angry – happy – bored – cheeky – naughty – cowardly – silentmean ….


This post presents the sequence of Nadejda Petrova's process. nadejdasnapshot
We made this snapshot of her

Fantasy versus reality

Thursday, July 1, 2010

nicolay_drawing nicolay_mappings_p5 elitzaphoto1

nicolay_characteristics_p3 nicolay_sketch nicolay_obstructions_p7

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This post presents the sequence of Nicolay Petrov's process. nikolayphoto1
Elitsa Atanasova (his model) made this portrait of him

Round, Sharp and Expressive

Thursday, July 1, 2010

leda_portraitdrawing leda_mappings_p2 joanphoto

leda_characteristics_p4 leda_drawingsleda_obstructions_p4 presentatie_spinninglecture


Comparing a model drawing with a photographical portrait, led to the determination of the objective and subjective characteristics “round, sharp and expressive”. This was later developped into an ingenious tool incorporating all elements from content to function.

This post presents the sequence of Leda Vaneva's process. ledaphoto
Joan Zenkov (her model) made this portrait of her

Workshop Galery “Bird’s-eye View’

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bird’s-eye view

Wednesday, May 5, 2010