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> Vania Valkova

Friday, June 5, 2009

NEW – EUBG – URBAN COMMUNICATION : Off-line and on-line urban action/installation


The concept of this project focuses on Sofia as a place of different conflicts and contrasts; a place where it’s increasingly hard to live in, breathe, move and consume. I made series of graphic signs printed on stickers (9×9 cm). The idea of the project is to mark different urban design or architecture object in the city of Sofia and to provoke communication and reflection.

(Why not some other city ;) ). Conceptually, they cover part of the titles:

An ugly building / An ugly architecture / Inhumane architecture
Grass plots – “NO”/ Grass plots forbidden
Forbidden for mothers with prams / Inaccessible for prams
A killer-building / A crumbling building
A city design that has fallen ill / A sick city design / A city design with prosthesis

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