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> Daniela Godinova

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is one of the projects which makes me happy, that’s why I decide to use as description of the process. The idea came during a stroll in a lovely Bulgarian city. We walked and shoot, but my attention was captured of one old wooden gate with amazing handles. I was curious for other gates like this one with ring handles made from wrought iron. I was surprised, because all doors had similar handles with different accessories – padlocks, piece of strings, chains and wooden sticks.
Everywhere had a trace of time.
I start to shoot and the result was interesting.
I decide to make a mix of pictures and after mixing the result came with this shape. I specially broke up boring pictures; I ordered pictures one over another, and suddenly the old wood came in front, came to life, different colors, nails and etc.
But this work needs a title, I started to think and after a little time I found it:
How the door can be locked?
The question was to provoke a man to think, how many alternatives can be used for one and same thing.